Reviews for "A Very Twizted Christmas"

Santa fa life foo

lmfao nice vid homie though Maddrox shoulda been the fat one

WTF is a Santa Claws

LMAO this piece allways gets me laughing, this is a great toon to go with it lol. nice job Lo

can neva get enough

of that twiztid shit 10 for sure mmfwcl

good lookin

i was expectin to see the whole song instead of the intro, but it was fresh family. mmfcl

Too F**kin Awesome!!!

Hells yeah!! The xmas "Gin & Juice" remake is awesome, too... I might as well mention that I make ICP Chopped & Screwed mixes... Thinkin about doin "Red Christmas"... I submitted a mix (LP, In The End) to the Audio Portal... I'm waiting to see if I'm approved... Anyways, awesome work, bro... Juggalos 4 Life...

---Peace Out and MCL,
---Ghetto Joe