Reviews for "Go."

Not the best, but not the worse

I found the graphics incredible, but the controls were poor, you had to anticipate what was coming and then avoid it by jumping, which on the way down theres no double jumps. i still found it pretty hard and got a good score on easy, then skipped to hard and go to about half the cave.. i still found it good.

Enjoyed it

Really enjoyed this one. Especially liked the backgrounds and the music, the tricks looked good as well. Also nice that it got a highscore list, got the second score in easy mode (and 5th, 7th, 9th and a few times around 20) hehe =) Too bad I couldn´t submit my score on medium mode. I just got a black screen with snow falling when I pressed submit. Nothing happened, but I could still press submit again and the screen turned back to normal. Perhaps you could take a look at this.

Anyway, the final score seems to depend a lot on the final battle. If you just try to make that one as long as possible, you can easily gather another 13,000 points or so. And the cookies were really worthless, only 5 points or something. Just doing a trick for one millisecond is worth more. They´re probably just there to guide you, but perhaps you can make them more valuable. The rings also did not gave that many points.

What annoyed me a little was that the ice falling from the ceiling could hurt you even when you already passed it. I always speeded up a little when the ice was falling, and sometimes I was very sure I was safe, but I still lost a life. Maybe you could check this out as well.

Overall 8 out of 10, 4 out of 5. I enjoyed it like I said. But I think it was a bit short, you can easily beat this game within 2 minutes. It would be nice if you added a few more areas and maybe add another boss. Anyway, still congrats with the award and keep up the good work.


So adorable! The little dude, he's just tryin' to get some cookies! Hehe. It was hard for me to play though, I kept slamming into the bombs...but nonetheless, this game's pretty neat.

Hard, but funny and cool

in a downhill race to rack up the points, this snowboarder will have to dodge mines and pull off some nifty mind-air stunts.
Its the fastest --and posisibly, the hardest-- game in this bunch,but fighting santa claus is awesome! ^^

look at all the 8's!

I didn't wanna break the tradition of 8's lol. nice game though!