Reviews for "Go."

Creative game!

I loved this game. It was fun to play, there were many different things to do, lots of goals and obstacles to go through, and, most of all, great graphics! Graphics give the winter theme a very fun atmosphere and they just made me want to play longer. This was honestly a good game, and I am glad you made it.

good game-loved the music

hahahhaha,love it and the music-kirby!!!!


This is a pretty fun game, the only thing I saw wrong with it was the fact that the bombs are really hard to avoid, but that comes with practice. Love the Smash Bros music, and overall was a great game. GJ and kiu.


hey that was actually pretty fun. the music is INFECTIOUS. zomgz. I keep crashing into those mines though. dang.

even the preloader is fun :D

the game is nice and the music and sound is just great

but the mines are sometimes so close that if you bounce in one you will bounce into the second one too because you have no time to get enough air pressure