Reviews for "Go."

you're less than a god but more than a man

okay.. i was wondering if you could teach me to make flash "games" and lend me some action scrips because your work is unbelievable

Wow! That's aweosme!!

This is a great game! I really love it, it is fun, challenging, and really addicting. Wow, great game guys! I can't wait to see your next game... after I'm done playing this one ;)

A Favorite

Um nothing really bad to say about this. Only thing is, is that sometimes I couldn't make it over the bombs. Other than that the graphics were great, sound was superb (I like the SSBM music), and I love the style.


This was a great game although a little hard even on easy. Also you took music from "kirby superstar" lol I thought was pretty funny. Good job!!


Not only was the game fun, but it looks clean as well. Lol music was cool seeing as how i didnt have to listen to it for a good 3 hours, and it was addicting. Good Game