Reviews for "Go."

Ok at best

The gameplay is simple and not that exciting. The graphics are serviceable and there are some nice speed effects. The backround music is also pretty good. However the spacebar used to control your character is somtimes very off.


its okay, but it gets really boring really fast, you need to make the jumping time faster and longer, and more objects to bounce off of and collect. Cookies and snowmen just don't cut it for newgrounds.

Good concept, poor design.

Wile the graphics, the sound, and the visual style overall were very good, and all complemented each other extremely well, I must say that the control scheme, level design, and game mechanics were all rather poor.

To get the bonuses, you often had to pre-anticipate them, which, by human nautre is rather impossible. By having to charge your jump, you are left open, after the jump to the very closely placed objects and mines, making it impossible to collect goods without getting penalized.

I stopped playing after a few levels because it just got too frustrating to continue.