Reviews for "Go."


ok i was expecting somehting better, it really wasnt to much fun, plus u stole the theme song from Kirby for the music

Not terrible

My main problem was how long it took to jump. To tap made hardly any jump at all. To hold made jumping take longer than objects would appear. At the end of the first or second level there are cookies that are further than you can ever get before finishing the level. And for some reason I found hard to be easier than easy, I even got further in the same.

TrueDarkness responds:

All hard does is limit your lives more, which in effect, makes the game harder. It is the same difficulty throughout all of the levels, with less lives. Jumping needed a hold, so you can decide how high you need to go to jump in between mines, or over, etc.

Thanks for playing =)


this games pretty good but i kinda lost interest on the second lvl and once i got to the 5th i was just plain bored but still try to make some more and get better.
next time add a story line it would make the game much better

hay its music!!!

The music is from Kirbys drem land 1 and 2=}

its ok

makes me want to play kirby instead