Reviews for "Go."

Fun game

Pretty fun. It would be good to be able to turn off the music and also pause the game.

TrueDarkness responds:

You can turn the music/sound off by right clicking and hitting sound off, like stated on the first line of the authors comments =p

Thanks for the review :D

Why did you steal the music of alladin?

Why did you steal the music of alladin?, I recognise it as the music of a snes game of alladin.

TrueDarkness responds:

Actually it's from SSBM, but close enough :)


I liked it. I got a little bored after a while, but it was a good, easy, fun game. Nice style and graphics. Good work overall.

Pretty good, but somewhat flawed.

Personally, I thought it was alright, albeit problematic at times. The gameplay was pretty smooth, but the obstacles were designed in a way that you had to anticipate them, which made things difficult (I found that when I was trying to avoid a bomb, I was too close to it to jump it). Though, I might have just played poorly, eh? ;)

actually pretty ok

but way to hard to dodge the mines, it has some glitches in..