Reviews for "Go."


this games pretty good but i kinda lost interest on the second lvl and once i got to the 5th i was just plain bored but still try to make some more and get better.
next time add a story line it would make the game much better


This was a great game although a little hard even on easy. Also you took music from "kirby superstar" lol I thought was pretty funny. Good job!!

An excellent

A very good game but it has a few bugs:

Double jump only works half the time

Runs a bit slowly

The dude sometimes hits mines when he actually misses

Anyway... one of the best games I've ever played! (note one of)

Not bad, but to slow.

I kept trying to speed up, so I could avoid the bombs, but I never seemed to go any faster. I kept telling it to double-jump, and it only did about 10% of the time. It's a very nice idea, but it could use some work.

Laydi Nite

Nice style

It isn't exelent but I like how the entire games look like, keep up the good work.
Oh, and to the guys who said that the music is from aladin, it's not. Its the music from Super Smash Brothers.