Reviews for "Go."

even the preloader is fun :D

the game is nice and the music and sound is just great

but the mines are sometimes so close that if you bounce in one you will bounce into the second one too because you have no time to get enough air pressure


hey that was actually pretty fun. the music is INFECTIOUS. zomgz. I keep crashing into those mines though. dang.


good, fun, btw whats the music called i wants it. pm me

Awesome game

OK, let's start all the way from the preloader in order to rate this game.
The preloader was interactive fun while waiting for the game to load up. Now onto the game itself: the gameplay was hands-down solid, as you try to avoid the inexplicable mines levitating around the hill. I've noticed, if so, a bit of an idea from "James the Christmas Zebra": collect cookies as you avoid the obstacles in your way that'll cause problems. Jumping off snowmen heads was also pretty fun as the snowman died in a weird way. So hands-down, one of the best winter games this season. Not to mention what you'll be doing next year...


Not only was the game fun, but it looks clean as well. Lol music was cool seeing as how i didnt have to listen to it for a good 3 hours, and it was addicting. Good Game