Reviews for "Go."

Really good

Great game with good graphics, it was pretty difficult as well.. I really found nothing wrong with this game at all.

Pretty good

It was pretty good, but I think I would've preferred a simple "spacebar to jump" rather than to have to charge my jump before I see the things I'll have to jump over... Seemed rather stupid to me...

TrueDarkness responds:

I can see your point, but if we set a height for the jump, and there was a mine right above you and a mine right under you, and you wanted to go in the middle, how would you go about getting through without getting a mine to the face. If you have a good suggestion PM me.

Creative game!

I loved this game. It was fun to play, there were many different things to do, lots of goals and obstacles to go through, and, most of all, great graphics! Graphics give the winter theme a very fun atmosphere and they just made me want to play longer. This was honestly a good game, and I am glad you made it.