Reviews for "Go."

Not terrible

My main problem was how long it took to jump. To tap made hardly any jump at all. To hold made jumping take longer than objects would appear. At the end of the first or second level there are cookies that are further than you can ever get before finishing the level. And for some reason I found hard to be easier than easy, I even got further in the same.

TrueDarkness responds:

All hard does is limit your lives more, which in effect, makes the game harder. It is the same difficulty throughout all of the levels, with less lives. Jumping needed a hold, so you can decide how high you need to go to jump in between mines, or over, etc.

Thanks for playing =)


ok i was expecting somehting better, it really wasnt to much fun, plus u stole the theme song from Kirby for the music

this was a.....

COMPLETE PIECE OF GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!dude this game is soo freaking sweet this is going in my favs as soon as im done playing it
the games preloader was fun too YOU BETTER MAKE MORE
10/10 5/5

good, but needed more work.

It was a deacent game i thought, but the gameplay i felt needed some help here. It was not easy to pick up and play really. The whole sidescrolling snowboard thing just did not work really well in this case. And i really dont like games that control your jump hight according to how long you hold the button. I dont know exacly why, but i think its just slows gameplay down alot. I refuse to use it any of my games, i cant stand it. I did not think jump accuracy was essential to this game, so i think a normal jump plus the double jump that was in there would have done better. Doing that would make jumping alot more responsive, which is another problem with jumping. I also had no sense of speed. It seemed like i was never going anywhere. Just slowly moping along, not doing much of anything. And none of it make any sense...why am i collecting cookies? why am i jumping through big glowing hoops, that by the way kill framerate whenever i hit them. Why is there bombs on the hill? i just like some sort of coherency to the obstacles i meat up into within games, and this game did not seem to have any of that.

and yah....these are just things i think you coulda fixed, i by no means hate the game, nor am i trying to say its a particularily bad game at all. but you get the point. good luck with future projects.

TrueDarkness responds:

I see what you're saying from all sides. And I agree! For the most part...

The jump bar I feel was neccessary in this game for jumping in between some mines, while jumping completely over other mines. The concept, which we don't have, is something I would of like to of added, but we kind of had a set due-date for this, and we winged the last few days getting this out, wish I which we didn't and had more time to work on it, but all in all it came out decent, and more or less the way we wanted. I also might of liked to add more obstacles, but as we were fairly content with the things we had, we left it alone, and worked on a nice boss for the last level. But yeah, I'll agree with you, and thanks for the support and critique :)

Our next game will be a pretty major project, so no more short game crap :D

A Favorite

Um nothing really bad to say about this. Only thing is, is that sometimes I couldn't make it over the bombs. Other than that the graphics were great, sound was superb (I like the SSBM music), and I love the style.