Reviews for "Go."

the game sucks or I suck -_-"

I dont know.. i just cant jump over the mines.. u have to have a full jump bar and go pretty fast to jump over one and if i see them im too late :S

this game is really fun and well made

but too hard, even on easy i can't get past the snowman, but if he's the only boss then i guess its fine =\

OK game. I just suck at it.

The graphics are good, and it's a good idea you got. I noticed the sound was a lot like a Kirby theme, so I gave sound a high score. The only violence in the game was mines. And the fact that you go BOOM when you die. Theres a lot of interactivity in the game, but it felt like something was missing. I gave humor a not so high score because the only fun about the game was the music. Not exactly the surpreme timekiller.

Highscore King On Easy

I am champion on easy :D

great game make another on imove on a few things loved it going for medium king now


its okay, but it gets really boring really fast, you need to make the jumping time faster and longer, and more objects to bounce off of and collect. Cookies and snowmen just don't cut it for newgrounds.