Reviews for "A Very Spritey Christmas"

LOL BlockHead

he just cant rim and i just loved the top spriters
man dude 10/10


lol that was awesome---but the only ppl ive seen and know of are eddsworld and blockhead i loves those movies!!!!they are hilarious!!!@!@@@!@!@!!!!@!!!@!@!@@@!


"...Then you will die also, the pain won't be long, and we will defeat you..." "...WITH MY MIGHTY TONGS!!!" Your movies are awesome, man! What's your secret? Well, you don't have to tell me. 10/10 for the review, and 5/5 for my rating.


that was pretty funny. you can always count on Blockhead to mess things up haha! the only time he really rhymes is when he talks about his tongs lol. Good animation and good story


its some of my favorite characters Edd and Blockhead