Reviews for "A Very Spritey Christmas"


It was quite good! Epically the sprite animation!

Hmm the drawn parts weren't as well done as the sprites. You really have a hutch for sprites. Not saying your DP parts weren't good ;D Just keep it up!

My only complaint is (besides the drawn animation not being as good as the sprite animation) I should have had had a guest cameo


Your effort has paid off!

Nice job dude!
~*Things I Especially Enjoyed*~
Music during fight scene. I believe it was Trepak by Beethoven.
Rhyming... that's hard to do!
Use of popular characters like Blockhead
~*Ideas for Improvement*~
Not many... maybe try improving the fight scene; it was a bit lacking except for music
I am not a fan of sprites but I won't let that affect my reviews
You are an excellent animator
Merry Christmas! (or hannukah or anything else)
Don't take the low humour score personally... very few things make me laugh
Please keep submitting as you are now on my fav authors list!

4/5, 9/10


This is awesome! Everything is done extremely well! The drawn parts, the sprite parts, the music, voice acting...EVERYTHING IN THIS MOVIE IS SUPERCOSBYx5!!

And yes, that is a very good thing!