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Reviews for "Castle Crasher Red"

Fantastic interpretation

That is just amazing. One thing that I've noticed in all of your work is you add blue-ish or purple highlights, not only does that add a distinctness to your style it's quite nice to look at. The coloring and the textures make this nicely pop out, it almost looks 3d at some points. I really enjoy the weathered look to the shield, sword, and armor, it helps with the bad ass look; he looks like he's been in a lot of hardcore battles and come out on top. Keep up the excellent work man. I hope you go far man. All the best!


If you dim the lights and look closely at the knight for a bit he looks really scary.

I love it!

I like the detail, the elaborate use of colors to create realistic dimensions...I wish I was a good artist.

templar rulez

Very nice draw

The only way you could be better at drawing.....

Is if you drew shit right into my brain!