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Reviews for "Castle Crasher Red"

Wow love it

Now i must say that i haveonly played the castle crashers game a few times but must admitt that its been a fun game, and to see a well detailed, very good visual of the red knight here that was pretty awsome i think the only issue here with this one would be that this knights "ARMOUR" could use more "SHINE" Add more shine, more sparkly armour even if he is in battle the armour might have some shine too it, so thats an idea to work on, but regardless this was pretty impressive and cameout almost perfect, so keep up the great work as i look forward to more. The backround was ok but wish there was something more there, maybe something in the distance to reflect a world that is going on related to the main character, just another idea that could help especially with the backrounds.

You have a great piece of art here, There was not much to improve on but with anything there is always room for improvment and here i thought was a few ideas that could help in those lacking areas, so hope these ideas do help as they can make this somewhat more improved.Some of theareas of work with this was more of a backround besides the base color, and more shine ofcourse on the armour.


Awesome drawing bro, but the colors are backwards

No freaking way! (With dramatic pauses in- between...) This is the absolute best cartoon picture representation of the red castle crasher. I don't know why, but when I look at this I hear a voice in my head screaming: "Anti- Red Castle Crasher." This is truly a master piece of artwork, well executed!

You should post the full pic

crusader much?