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Reviews for "Still Blastin'"


Omg this is awesome dude!! I Never heard something like that! Great work.
5/5 10/10


the integration of megaman's 8-bit sounds combined with an incredible melody really pleasures the ears.

Back in time- upgrade!!

I really appreciate that slowing down clock ticking at the beginning, we is goin back in time. It has such a fresh hyped up 8-bit sound. I accidentally downloaded this song 3 times, in the same day. I was searching NG for some DnB or some metal (which i think is a cure for bieber fever) and i came across this song, and i thought to myself, how come i haven't downloaded this song yet?? So i just downloaded this, checked itunes and i had three copies. But das ok, more awesomeness for me. Really good job, i dont think saying good job is enough though, it deserves so much more. Keep doin what you doin, i really like your music. 105D

completely sucks

comon it's not fair to the other users if nobody tries to bring down its awesomness

sounds like a Awesome shooter game

kick ass dude