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Reviews for "Still Blastin'"


it's good,for a jungle boy,but it's preety nice

It was...

Perfect, Great tune, Good pitch, Its all there. What you'd expect from the current number 1 song.
Good Job. Been a big fan of you for quite a while now.

Very, very good

I loved it! No wonder why it's so high in the ranks! Congratulations!

Excellent as ive come to expect

I really have to say that im almost postive you have quickly become one of the foremost talented music creators that frequent this site.

I say this because all of the masterful tracks you upload here contain such a marvelous passion that everyone who is lucky enough to be within an earshoot of speakers playing these can feel.

What it boils down to is this....F-en PERFECT


it sounds like arigtone jingle <:-(