Reviews for "KRAFTBOSS"

Noice noice!!

I hear this and all that comes to mind is DOOM and Duke Nukem,both great games. So great job!

wandschrank responds:

Thank you! :D That's just what I intended ;D

A Good piece of work

Great work , I will put it in my computer and do a remix with other songs, ill give you credit

wandschrank responds:


Please send me a link to your remix via PM when it's finished, I'm looking forward to hearing it! :]


That is great music for a boss fight. I need to save/use this for a game if that's all okay. Please PM me if you are (not) happy with me using this.

wandschrank responds:

Sure you can use it, just mention me in the credits! :)

Pretty good!

Pretty good, though not necessarily something I'd listen to over and over again. On that note, it loops VERY well!

wandschrank responds:

Thanks for your review!

I made it for someone to use it in a game or in a movie for a short scene. I couldn't listen to it for an hour, too. ;D It's just a straightforward loop, not thought to be a complete song. If you download it, it loops perfectly, this flash player thing sometimes begins the song a bit too early or a bit too late if you put it on repeat.

Wow man,..awesome

This is some good stuff, been searching around for like an hour for some good beat tracks, and this is something i could just keep listening to.

good job man!

wandschrank responds:

Thanks a lot, man! :]