Reviews for "KRAFTBOSS"


ARE YOU? This is far beyond the talent of a mere human being!

I am compelled to give you all my power!

On a side note regarding "runpoochrun"s Review if you don't like this type of music then for the love of all that is sacred don't review it!



wandschrank responds:

I'm a piece of furniture! ;D

Thanks for your review, I feel honored!

Concerning the review of that guy: There are always people whining about genres, I couldn't care less. :]


Agree with Dungeecount,
Didn't overuse effects, original melody, but the one thing (which you've said you're trying to fix) is the aggresiveness of synth/guitar. I think it needs to punch out more than chug along in the background at the same volume. For inspiration on what I'm on about Blue Stahli/ Asking Alexandria and might I even suggest Rammstein. You have exactly what they have, bar the vocals. Keep up the FUCKING AWESOME work :)

On another note - PM ME!!!!

wandschrank responds:

Thanks for your review! You're right, I hope to fix this with a version with real guitars. I pm'ed you, by the way. :p


Fairly short, but in this case it isn't a bad thing, you knew just when to stop. It's hard to make something short that some one will want to listen to over and over again. I'm guilty of that, seeing as it's atleast the 14th time through.

Drum lines are awesome, not the same one repeating. It has a pretty good amount of variation, favorite part is around 00:36.
There's fuzziness that Industrial typically has, but you didn't over-do it (aka make it sound like nails in a blender).
the melody is probably the most captivating part of this song. it's varied, but not freestyle. The melody isn't something you stole from somebody else, a lot of people go for something that's ALREADY become popular, like from Cheshyre or Waterflame. I honestly can't compare it to anybody's music as far as melody goes.
As far as compatibility with the type of flash, it would fit with any kind of action game or movie. Placement would work in almost any part of a game or movie, it could be in the credits, the intro, the menu, a fight scene, or any other intense part.
This is something I'm going to come back to and download. I truthfully don't think anything needs to be changed, but who knows, a different version could end up twice as awesome. I hope I hear more music from you in the future :)

wandschrank responds:

Thanks for your detailed review, I appreciate it! ;D

I tried playing it with my guitar, and it sounded very good, but I haven't been able to get the right sound yet. I recorded it several times, but although it sounded a lot more aggressive and powerful than the original version, it was far away from perfect. I hope I'll get it done some day, though.



Could be good for my game for a stage with 10 levels called: "Robo Valley", i could use the rest of you're music for other stages, and you would be co-authored for sound, how about it?

wandschrank responds:

Sure, that would be awesome! ;D I'm looking forward to play your game!

Regards, wandschrank

Another confused NG user!

This isn't industrial! :( It's more along the lines of "dark techno". Needs mastering and a proper ending.

wandschrank responds:

Apparently you did not take the time to read the description of this song. Apart from that, you have no category for every single genre, and it's up to the artist to choose the best fitting one.

Since it is a LOOP, it doesn't need a "proper" ending, it has to loop.