Reviews for "KRAFTBOSS"


Great song, it totally deserve the #1 industrial track.
My only deception is that it's only 1m06!

wandschrank responds:

There are lots of other good Industrial songs that deserve #1 more than this one because - like you said - it's only 1m06. It's a loop for games after all. :]

Thanks for your review! ;D


Very cool, although it's a tad repetitive. And a bit short.

wandschrank responds:

Thanks! :D

Sounds very similar...

To something Frank Klepacki would've done. Good job.

wandschrank responds:

Frank Klepacki did awesome soundtracks, I wish I'd be nearly as good as him. Thanks for your review! :)


sounds like one of those tracks on xXx movies because you know there gangsters it there own way um can i use this for a few movies of mine.

draws you in

Disappointingly short, but I guess that's a good thing isn't it? Great loop! I'd love to see it lengthened and built up it's an amazing use of all the basics. Kudos.

wandschrank responds:

Thanks for your review! :) The version with real guitars will be a full song.. if I'll ever be able to finish it.