Reviews for "KRAFTBOSS"

What are your industrial influences? :)

wandschrank responds:

Thanks! I listened to a lot of Feindflug, Combichrist, Wumspcut etc. back in the day. :)


could be music for a boss-fight... like, you enter a room and the (Kraft)BOSS jumps down an edge an stomps the whole ground in pieces, then you are falling and you have to face him in an underground area... euhm, just my imagination^^
definately epic and dark

wandschrank responds:


Damn good!

Refreshing for us to listen to a good industrial tune, as compared to the 1,000,000 "dubstep" amateur hour loops. This song, with lyrics, could easily fit comfortably on an industrial compilation cd. Good job!

wandschrank responds:

Thank you very much! :D


really epic!!! just missing a bit more power but
while listening felt like killing hordes of monsters in a war or something like that .

wandschrank responds:

Yep, I (still) should do a remastered version with guitars in it.

Pure win

Makes me feel like I'm leading a whole bunch of tanks trampling everyone that gets in front of 'em >:D

(and yes, it sound like my nickname)

wandschrank responds: