Reviews for "holiday brainstorm"

Always Excellent

Really cool and funny. All your stuff is.


This sooo reminded me of some of the meetings I've been in. Excellent flash, very funny stuff. The graphics are great, sound is good, and the dialogue is very well-paced. I really liked the long pause after the reindeer gave his idea. 5/5

It makes me laugh because it is so true.

I like all the subtle humor, like how the title "Holiday Brainstorm" is traced and re-traced on the notepad. I love it when a cartoonist can make us identify with a drawing. You listen to one of the animals brag about juggling and you say -O.M.G. that is just like so and so at work.

i was a voice in this animation i promise

I am the 10-year old rapper!!!! all hail the 10 year old rapper!!!!


I really liked this, the voices were very clear and i think you picked perfectly a voice to suit each character. I haven't seen anything in this style as well made as this was and you truly deserve the score you got. The graphics were great, very original yet not to detailed and complicated which really fits in. The lip synching was brilliant and you must've spent some time on that because it definately shows. I think you should make a second one, with the actual show in it maybe because then it'd really hit it off!

Well done!