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Reviews for "Bleach: Hentai Christmas"


Alltough i watch bleach, i wasent familir with what they said to what was writen to the audio, allso, the "intercourse" sounds where kinda bad, sounds like ploping sounds, very annoying, but cute animation, allso, i liked the way Rukias toes where spread, was she a anal virgin or did she just enjoy it that much, P.S. When ichigo was doing Rukia he was dressed, why was he suddenly undressed when the "come shot" came? ahwell, the world off Hentai hase no bounds, no limits. Otherway, good Flash, there is allways room for improvement, but not bad, not bad att all. i myself could probalby never do that good. You have Talant, if you keep makeing stuff soon in a few months you can look back att your previous work and think: How skilled i have become.

Aproved, and 8/10 start, and im going to vote 4.

Well done.


i dont mean to sound mean but ive seen better. it was good dont get me wrong but it felt like something was missing, but im sure the next one will be great

not bad

liked it, but if i where you, i would add more positions.

other that that, i thought it was well executed.


need more hentai...some


it was good, but the audio was wacked out. not just the dialog parts where they were talking with no emotion, but also the sex. . . there would be major reverb on rukia, and then ichigo is just flat sound. also her toes kinda creeped me out. . .