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Reviews for "Bleach: Hentai Christmas"


This flash is the best ive seen in a while but dude ive been hooked on bleach since june 2006 when i was wachin japanese versions of it but anyway this flash is so fuckin cool ive been fricken milkin my cow if you know what i mean dude...KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!

kool and sick

this game was great i liked da graphics

uhhhhhh i guess its ok

i noticed some things u can probably owrk on dude first her toes the faces and in the back when he was fucking her it looked like he was gonna shit him self lol his face looed kinda weird but any way and her being in a weird but its not as bad as the naruto 1 hey u should make some inyuasha i love inyuasha well actually i just love looking at all the girls b00bs ^.^ and fantising about them oh sry way ahead of my self anyways g00d luck


pretty good


haha very cute! Could have used some more noise from her though. I mean, I know darn well that I mkae plenty of noise when my boyfriend and I do this...lol but yeah, needs some more noise, and maybe ya know a little more stuff like from ass to pussy? I dunno, still this is very good! I love how cute her eyes are throughout it!