Reviews for "{dj-N} Theory of Everything XL"

I loove rocking to this beat

Today I was driving listening to some Newgrounds music, liking it of course, and then this comes on and I was totally rockin to it, cranked it up and cruised. I must have listened to it about 10 times while on the road today lol (non-XL version), it's such a good song to blast while driving. Then I come on here to compliment and find this XL version. DUDE. Now I'm not going to have any other music to play while driving, thanks a lot jerk.

I'm really liking the breakdown, think it suits it perfectly, and so do the other variations. Also I think it's good that it's a re-post, since the other version doesn't have the exotic breakdown part, it just keeps that same awesome beat and feels more energetic throughout the entire song if you're in the mood to listen to fast-paced music.



Epic nice man xD Always loved you songs... and glad I added you to RSS :D

Keep it up :]

I have a strong desire...

To choreograph an epic dance to this tune.

I salute you sir.


The breakdown took my breath away.


Great job!

You did a good job editing it.. i love the ending.. alot better then the first :3
Nice work 5/5 10/10

dj-Nate responds:

Glad you enjoyed it :)