Reviews for "{dj-N} Theory of Everything XL"

Spectacular extension.

This is a great addition to the original Theory of Everything. I believe that the piano gave the song a gateway to ride through the outro smoothly. My only concern was when you let the beat just ebb away into the ending, which might have led a few listeners - myself included - to grimace. Repeating the classic "ride-out" at the ending like the original might have led to a better feeling overall, leaving the listener to want to listen again. But, this is just my opinion.

Other than that - amazing track, and although not very liked from seeing the previous reviews, great execution and placement of the woman's "Breakdown" line.


I agree with NorthKozar. The vocals kinda jack it up. Believe me, this isn't the only song that sounded great until the vocals were added. I, personally, really don't like any song with vocals; well, at least not repeated through the whole song. This is an exception, so I must rate as such.

Voice ruins the mood

This version is really awesome because it keeps on going, but in both versions of the song, even though I love this one so much, that annoying "breakdown" voice that pops in really kills the mood the song is conveying. It just really doesn't fit into the song, I don't think... I can't give this piece 9/10 because it is too amazing, and the voice didn't appear in the extension at all (which was even better than the original section).


this song is awesome! It has everything a good tune should have :D
keep it up :D

Truely the best song Ive ever found on ng!

Love the transition from 2:00. favorite part ^_^
At first, i didn't like the part at 2:30, but then took a second look and it blew me away

Gonna use this song for this diabolo act btw.
Thanks for the good work =D