Reviews for "Deep Freeze"

That was fun

That was funny as hell I loved it can't wait for the second

Impressive and good for the kids.

This game keeps up the christmas spirit, and has the kind of violence that isn't too hard on the kids' minds. Also, santa is not the one getting beat up in this game. I appreciate that and merry Christmas.


I loved it!!! Those games really put me in the Christmas spirit! The music is fun. The concept is great. Not to mention old-skool. Those bosses are really awesome! My favorite was the 2nd boss, that sundae looking thing. The only suggestion is the level designs looked about the same. Still, it was a fun game and I'll definitely be playing it again!

Now this takes me back...

Wow, it's like I'm playing an old arcade game! I love it. the controls are simple but easy to use and the villians are creative and annoying sometimes, especially those flame breathing ones. This is so much fun to play, I've just gotta try and complete it now!


Wow, you christmas-ified Sno-bros XD
A very cool flash game, very well made, pixel graphics for the characters, and very well done pixel graphics at that!
The play control is good, hit detection, everything, very nicely done.
The music is great for the game, too, it all works out awesome.
The bosses! The bosses and bad guys are all straight out of a game like this... all cooky and weird, like playing a Treasure game, or some equally bizarre japanese videogame company XD