Reviews for "Deep Freeze"

One of my favorite Christmas games

It is always great to go and look back at all of the great stuff MiniClip has brought to this website. This is one of the best Christmas games, simply because it manages to be so unremarkably cute. The designs of the enemies are very original and fun in their own right. I just loved to see those giant snowballs fly around everywhere, not even knowing where they would hit. I was a little annoyed by how the powerups seemed to vanish so quickly. I enjoy these ice themed games and love the cute graphics.

this game

i love this game! it is hard but the harder things are the funner they are so ill giv this a 10/10 for animation gameplay and enemys the bosses are hard!


A pretty uinique game this is. Great neat graphics, addicting gameplay and a great plot as well. Doesn't have the same hopeful christmassy feeling as most christmas does, but either way, great styff, keep it going!


Not bad.

I can't say that I would ever be a fan for this type of game, but I can see the fan base it has. The concept is simple and fun, and the graphics make up for any bad parts. The graphics are detailed and made well and really work well throughout the submission. The gameplay is fun too, although a bit lackluster and dull after a while, the game in general was fun. Overall, well as a whole this is one of the more complete games out there. This game has it's bad parts, but it's a fun game to play and it isn't bad by any means. Good job.


this game is horrible. yes, i wrote this review because i want to know how in the heck THIS game got in the top of miniclip's 'what's hot'? does everyone wanna see how terrible it is? water shoots through the characters that have NO business being in anything related to santa...and santa himself looked like a serial rapist, or anything with beetle eyes...ughhh