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Reviews for "Grand Battle"


Awesome man, already saw it at VGDC though, lol.

Fived it.

holy hell!!!!!

that was fanaminal!!!! id have to say i officially love 3d animation...... the only thing i didnt like is that the people were abit stiff.... if you know what i mean!!!! it was good....

oh yea.... i was kinda hoping i could see a little blood spurt when the dark grey guy got stabbed in the end.... but sadly i was let down.....


hehe reminds me of house of flying daggers but neways is this some clip from a game or is it a blender animation (lol i suck at blender)

really sick

I liked the movie overall but i was confused about the "girls" gender at first cause her face looked like a man at first lol..but your movie is really good


I though it was pretty good. The one problem I had with it though is that I didn't sense anything "grand" about the battle. It was a little too short.