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Reviews for "Grand Battle"


this was awesome...i think you are the first person on newgrounds to do this...wonder what program you used for this!!! the graphics and sound were awesome!!! (would have been better if there was blood)...but all in all..this was amazing...keep up the good work!!!


Nice 3d action. Some sparks would have been extra nice though, but never than less, good.

The only real flaw I had with the movie were their heads.
They seemed to be quite emotionless, I don't know how to describe it, they just looked stoned. :)

And then maybe that the heroine bended her arm too much at a point.

The animation itself seemed to move quite smoothly.

So once again, good job.

5, obviously...

Even though it isn't flash, that doesn't make it any easier. That was way better than any 3D stuff I used to do...

holy hell!!!!!

that was fanaminal!!!! id have to say i officially love 3d animation...... the only thing i didnt like is that the people were abit stiff.... if you know what i mean!!!! it was good....

oh yea.... i was kinda hoping i could see a little blood spurt when the dark grey guy got stabbed in the end.... but sadly i was let down.....

ill help make it

this is a pretty good animation... but its kinda sloppy. The grass is too green... the mountains arent 3d
and when the guy walks... its just not right.. but the rest of the animatrio n is good... and o yeahthe people are kinda stiff