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Reviews for "Grand Battle"

nice one

that was a very nice animation. the graphics were by far the best thing about this one. the quality of them were just amazing.... it definitely proves that you're excelling in your animation class... or at least i think you are anyways. i hope that you got a good grade for this one too.

really sick

I liked the movie overall but i was confused about the "girls" gender at first cause her face looked like a man at first lol..but your movie is really good


hehe reminds me of house of flying daggers but neways is this some clip from a game or is it a blender animation (lol i suck at blender)


What can I say? It is beautiful, artistic and soulful. Did you sacrifice a virgin before creating this one? Bottom line: Keep 'em commin'!

The Kid's Got Skills

Damn dude, a Google amount of portal awards... some pretty fuckin' impressive 3D animation skills, a well designed and very slick website...

and you're damn 16 years old.

How does it feel to know you'll be a millionaire at 30?

Anyway, fuck if it's not Flash animation, it's better. I can't imagine the time and skill it takes to animate and work in 3D softwares and environments... maybe I'm wrong about how complex it is, but I've worked with lots of tough software (Final Cut, Lightwave, etc) and it isn't easy.

Listen, keep this shit up, it's good to see some young-and-coming talent. I don't know if you know of Knox; that kid was 15 and had an online following like no other. And he didn't fuck with Flash, he was all about claymation (if you didn't know). You remind me of him somehow.

I'd normally do a neat little review of your movie but, I have a strange feeling you'll be fine without my useless opinion :-P.

Excellent work. Keep 'em coming.

D-SuN responds:

wow Thank you very much sir! This is probebly one of the best reviews ive ever recived.
I used 3D studio max. ive also used lightwave a little. :P its pretty tough but just liek flash, once u learn it, it gets easyer. Defenantly takes more time then flash though.
Anywayz, thank you very much for taking the time to write this review :P
i really do apprechiat it (cant spell)