Reviews for "Shamoozal: Ninja"

it was very welll done

keep up the good work

Pretty cool

Good Points:
I thought the ninja bit was nice, great animation, stylish moves, ninja atmosphere, it was violent, good find. I loved the way you animated the ninja's, the colours look so natural and it was very smooth moving, I was impressed.

Bad Points:
I was more swept away by the ninja part, after the fighting, it wasnt really funny and I didnt much take much interest afterwards. Plus the sound seemed lighter than the voices.

Good ninja flash, I would have thought you would just stick with that though.


Nice. Very nice. Awsome animation. The colors worked great too. Sound was amazing. Great job. Great, great job.

The plost twist was unexpected yet welcome.

The beginning was action packed and the end was just plain funny. Pretty good stuff. I recommend watching it.

Very Well Put Together

Awesome, man, Plum is bossy.