Reviews for "Shamoozal: Ninja"

that waz AWOSOM! (thats my way of saying awesome)

mega cool, mega sweet , mega funny, & i dont know what that girl waz suppose to be to that guy (sister, babysitter or both), but she waz pretty!


Really crafty animation style. It was really well paced, though the last part was sortuve not needed. Though I would like to have some of the those smoke pellets. "Do you take her to be your lawfully wedded wife?" "Ninja Vanish!" Lol.

Awesome but...

could you please. PLEASE!!! Make this downloadable? i want to watch this on my Xbox 360. it will make me,and plenty of others very happy!!


Wow, the animation was very smooth and the video was action-packed. Overall, I enjoyed it.

another great one

once again u made a really good animation and really funny XP