Reviews for "Shamoozal: Ninja"

great short movie

_The graphics were pretty much the best i've seen around for a while with a smooth animation!
_Sound quality and choice was pretty cool
_Well it's a fight seen but only the environment gets it so not that violent :p ( except for the chick gettin all bi***y )
_ i loved the ending! for once its not a boring "seen it before" ending!
both creative and funny ^^

and that's why i can't wait to see some more ^^
5 defenetly 5

Ninjas are down right awesome

I loved this animation. A semi-serious twist on a ninja deathmatch. Loved it.

The graphics were great, and the animation was so fluent... I loved your FxF work, amazing stuff. The concept was great and it didnt drag on for to long, making it great to watch.

Along with the great sound and nice voice acting at the end, this has got to be one of my favourite animations. Great job!


i liked everything apart from the end where it changes to her room apart from tht amazing

Good animation, nearly good enough for an emmy lol

That was f***in sweet, i loved the part when it changed to the bedroom part, bloody funny, best animation yet...


I'm Glad that you've gone and taken the time to make this Incredible flash. It's so smooth and flows very well, fantastic drawings. I am Impressed, I myself am yet to learn to take the time to perfect something as complicated as flash animation (may not be to some but it is to me). Your time and effort has really paid off, Kudos to you.