Reviews for "Shamoozal: Ninja"

just like kdevil said

very like a cartoon, perfect voice acting 10/10

very well done ^-^

looks just like a tv cartoon show


im not just saying that cause im a ninja either! sequel?

nice one

this is real good piece of work you got going there mate, lovely artwork, and nice smoothe animation 2. i like the samurai jack influence my favourite toon of all time. keep it up

Freaking five!

*gets rid of Tribalfusion advert* Really great animation. The voices were authentic and sharp, and the 'story' was very entertaining; to see in action AND to find out the result.

Hoping to see more five-worthy animations from you in the future.

Shamoozal responds:

I probably shouldn't be saying this, but just so we don't get everyone's hopes up, we really went all out for this short. However, our goal is to try and have quicker turn around for future shorts. Don't expect them all (animation wise) to be of this caliber, but they should be just as fun.