Reviews for "Shamoozal: Ninja"

Good work

The whole movie was intense but that ending, I did not see it coming at all. Great work lolzx.

Ha ha ha!

Wow. Just wow. That was a kick ass movie man. The ending suprised me. It was hilarious. Great work.

it was very welll done

keep up the good work

Bloody Brilliant

Hey, That was the greatest flash fighting scene I have ever seen so i say good job to ya. I recomend it to everyone. But the ending kinda sucked a little, um whats with the uncudly rabbit...jackass. That ruined it a bit but, there awas a humor to it so, i guess it was alrite, but... No severed limbs, wtf. Can i ask you to make a kickass ninja samurai ass kicking scene with blood and heads flying off, cos u got talent with this style of flash i can tell, so mayb u could step it up a bit. All in all, brilliant move, loved it.

Burnt face man gives it 4 muffs out of 5. and his personal, HOORAY

looking forward to ur future work.

Shamoozal responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. About the ending, I figured it would be a mixed reaction, which is what I wanted. It helps to know the characters from other Shamoozal shorts, but it doesn't demand it.

As for it being all blood and guts, don't you guys get enough of that stuff on here? I like my shorts to be as accessible to as wide an audience as possible. I have little nephews that watch my stuff! Thanks for watching.

sweet sword fighting

that was so funny, "larp? I don't do that nerd crap"