Reviews for "Shamoozal: Ninja"

Really Nice

To DumbassDude
Are you obbsessed with ninjas??
Anyway I really liked the movie, expessialy the ending. It was a smooth moving ninja flash and It's one of my favorites.

Pretty cool

Good Points:
I thought the ninja bit was nice, great animation, stylish moves, ninja atmosphere, it was violent, good find. I loved the way you animated the ninja's, the colours look so natural and it was very smooth moving, I was impressed.

Bad Points:
I was more swept away by the ninja part, after the fighting, it wasnt really funny and I didnt much take much interest afterwards. Plus the sound seemed lighter than the voices.

Good ninja flash, I would have thought you would just stick with that though.


LOL, that ninja vanish sure seems to be a handy tool to use against mothers and girlfriends alike


I loved it, the facial expressions on the small ninja, the huge blade, everything. i was getting into it, then i just laughed my way through the ending. loved it i will def go to the site to see more.


That was ridicufying it was so amazing, see I'm making up words now