Reviews for "SkullHead Xmas"


I FREAKING LOVED THIS. I MEAN ITS LIKE " Omg I almost pissed my pants"

What? ....I Don't Know.

Meh, oh well.

holy cute

This could be, without a doubt, the cutest thing I have ever seen ever ever ever.

Its perfect, keep makin em

love it!!!

I think I'm in love! Skullhead is the cutest creature on the planet! And this is only the first episode I've seen ^.^ Can't wait for more!!!!

no weird. hiLARIOUS


Loved it.

I'm happy you made a Christmas special of Skullhead,i like the different song you had in this episode it fit it very well i also thought that skullhead had a real cute personality in this episode with his christmas hat and him smiling throughout most of the episode,overall i really enjoyed this Christmas special so you did a great job on this. =)