Reviews for "SkullHead Xmas"


that was awesome... SkullHead is awesome.... Fly is awesome.. and a nice addition to the group with the spider. this christmas was pretty good... with lots of laughs and the ending was good too with the spider all angry from before. nice touch. good work on this one... SkullHead rocks.

Nice work.

I really like the art work, and music does sync, and very good characters...This would be good as a series.

go skullhead

you have created a likeable character, the artwork was very nice, sounds synced,humorous and good plot. This is a good flash!!I would like to see it as a series


i loved the art great job!

Second Skullhead animation I've ran into.

I really enjoyed this one as well keep up the good, Tom & Jerry-esque work. Keep trying to get the animation better & better, I hope to see some real improvement in the next installment.

kirkslater responds:

Like How?