Reviews for "SkullHead Xmas"

It's the gift that keeps on giving.

This was a nice Christmas special. And yet, seeing how Skullhead is still not getting along w/ the Fly in the Christmas season. What a way to show the holiday spirit for this episode. Excellent job, man! I like this cartoon now.

Great :)

I just seen all the episodes.. and.. man.. I love them ^^
More more ^^
how did you come up with this? :P


this is my favourite one so far, very endearing, simple and effective. And the music was different, i dont know how to rate violence, is it supposed to be good or bad? i think its better for not having extraenuous pointless violence, i ready for the next installment please, how about a valentines theme where skullhead gets a date?

Make some more please

This is a little gem of a movie no vilolence ,and its really good music that goes with it. I like the skeleton although i dont understand the plot ,but i like the way this is done. The spider so sweet and its really gentle comedy ,i think this has got great little series.


I FREAKING LOVED THIS. I MEAN ITS LIKE " Omg I almost pissed my pants"

What? ....I Don't Know.

Meh, oh well.