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Reviews for "Reuniting with Mido"

Hey yo G3no! I really love your draws\skets i lot, and this one in particular is so awesome! Not only you have one nice style (love it since the first time i`ve seen it), you caugth the background really well, like srsly, just perfect! And the reaction of Link in this one, his face, is priciless haha

Keep doing good like that, i follow you in DA and here on NG, u aweosome bro!

G3no responds:

thanks a million veex, it's really supportive to know you've been enjoying my stuff since the first time! i'm glad you got a good taste of the BG, it was actually fun to paint

This is amazing in all the right ways, I love Links expression. 10/10.

G3no responds:

what's funny is that, since link in the actual game does absolutely nothing after he hears the apology, that expression / reaction was mine as a player since i didn't see it coming


G3no responds:


This moment...

I think you increased the heroism of Link with just that simple gest.

G3no responds:

hell yeah

I use to hate Mido's guts until I understood the responsibilities on his shoulders.
If I had to lead a tribe of eternal kids, I would get grumpy with everyone too.
(I loved that bro moment he had with Darunia in the end)

Very nice rendition.