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Reviews for "Reuniting with Mido"


G3no responds:


That kawaii design of Link and Mido :3
I once played it as a masterpiece in SSBB.
I hated him too.

This is amazing in all the right ways, I love Links expression. 10/10.

G3no responds:

what's funny is that, since link in the actual game does absolutely nothing after he hears the apology, that expression / reaction was mine as a player since i didn't see it coming

I love Navi's smirk at the end.

G3no responds:

i always thought of it as a sympathy smile idk , still , thank you for loving it

Link appears like a much more powerful person in this rendition of him. He's got a very confident expression and a strong posture that just reek of hero!

G3no responds:

you might be right, i just used the n64 model , it was a little tough to copy... despite it being rendered very primitively