Reviews for "Future"


had me bobbing my head

Style to spare

This is one of the best Flashimations I've seen here on New Grounds. The vibrancy of the world it creates is simply "wow...." The three dimensional aspects of it really make it stand out, and the filter grain(?) give it a video gamey look that is unparalleled. Bravo! Good choice of music too.


Woah, talk about your night of Chaos, eh?
I love the effects, and the multiple character-lines is amazing!


kinda reminds me of tron

The 1601st review

I must say the animation, art, and over techniques are far ahead of most of the submissions i watch from the 2006 time area. This was truley ahead of its time it wouldnt be surprising to find a flash like this in present time. But again seeing a 2006 flash with this much effort is astonishing 10 stars voted 5 and if i could would give it 10000.