Reviews for "Future"


Fan Fucking Tastic. Really, thats all I can think of. Im only running Flash5 but I really hope to someday do something like this.

soooo cool

i thought that was a really cool video, i loved the animation and it all flowed nicely, keep it up

Awesome 3d

That was awesome 3d graphics there, must have taken you ages to perfect it! The glow's were cool in every aspect

Damn good job

Pretty Good

I think the style is the most interesting thing about this submission. The rainbows with the black looked pretty damn cool, and the simple things like the glow and the scan lines worked really well,I'd much like to view this animation on a faster computer so I could have a better look at the fluid animation.

The 3D worked to great effect in parts, but I think kind of stole the show a bit too much in other areas. You've got a good understanding of how 3D and perspective works though, and I'm sure it took a hell of a long time :) The character design was nice too, it had a bit more spunk to it than the generally overused anime character.

Overall, awesome stuff!


The movie itself was pretty pointless, but it was absolutely amazing! Never in a flash movie have I seen such perfection of neon lights, explosions, and visual effects in general. This must have been extremely time consuming also. Give it a 5, for the sake of Toucan Sam.