Reviews for "Aap Episode 2"

This rules

You are amazing! The graphics aren't the best in the world, but they're good. The voices are good and the plot was amazing and you have a good sense of humor. This will get through the Portal easily

aap responds:

Does it have a plot? :D Cool! Thanks for the review! :)


I am plassed my pants of that klaased-good movie!

And again... you rule the shoes... This movie rocks thats a fact
And the fun was how all the characters act!
Damn that was a rhyme... but anywayz its a cool movie with good graphics. Plas!


JUST KIDDING IT'S INCREDIBLE you even know about my home country Bosnia and Herzegovina i would give this a rating of a unlimited

frickin hilarious!

cat go bye bye


crown why u wote 10 for all of aap videos?