Reviews for "Aap Episode 2"

So much effort!

and it all payed off!
I suppose a lot of time went in the making of this great movie but it was worth it! This movie really made me laugh, great stuff.


aap responds:

I hate geiten. All of them.

hmmm looks like, not klaased

Hmm, i suppose this is a really great movie. Also i think everyone who isnt klaased already need to take a look at this.


may klaas be with you!

aap responds:



yeah i know the people that are in the movie, and i know the teacher, mr koolstra, he's actually like that!, sanja's real voice was used in it so its very original... ive been looking out for this movie for a long time and im really not dissapointed!

aap responds:

Koo-lie, Koo-lie, Koo-lie, Koo, Koo, Koolie!


Funny, Original, not rushed! Nice effort! I really liked this movie, throwing the cat was what made me laugh the most. Out of nowhere, *FWOOM*! Very good job!

aap responds:

Thanks for watching and the review. :)