Reviews for "Aap Episode 2"


I give a 10/10 to all my favourite movies, and this one is one of my favourite.
It didint need a plot to be funny, and its so great im still lauching after sawing it biljoen times.
Make aap episode 3 or i will kill you at school

aap responds:

I rather have you killing me at school than making another movie.

HMmm I Like it!

I Liked this flash. Im looking forwards to see how it continues. Some voice actors were just 'odd' But some were cool. Overall, I think you did good job.

Ps: hope you're happy for points im giving you, I dont wanna get SLICED BY AAP ! EEEEEEEEEEK!

aap responds:

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Ps: Okay, you gave enough good points so you won't be killed. But Aap WILL come eat your shoes!

No! I didn't like your movie.

Ok, I didn't like your movie. And now...will a monkey appear right behind me and kill me? This movie has no sense. Although the voices were nice, I think this a very confuse movie. You could do better, I suppose. If you could organize your ideas, maybe the flash would be better, ok?


aap responds:

No, Aap won't kill you, he only does that in cartoons. Even if he wanted too, he couldn't, because Klaas protects klaased people. I like to eat shoes. Well, the movie doesn't really has sense indeed, besides entertaining people. The reason you didn't liked it is because you're klaased. And, yeah, maybe it's quite confusing, but that could be because you didn't watched episode 1. But okay, I'll try to make some kind of a storyboard for the next one. Thanks for your review anyways.

This rules

You are amazing! The graphics aren't the best in the world, but they're good. The voices are good and the plot was amazing and you have a good sense of humor. This will get through the Portal easily

aap responds:

Does it have a plot? :D Cool! Thanks for the review! :)



I fReAking lOve this, Its really cool and tasty. Especially i like the gUy who teaches A+B+C really cool story


aap responds:

lolz braba!!!!1 thx f0r Da_rewvieW1!1XD

plsa!!!1!1!! XD