Reviews for "Aap Episode 2"

I friggin love it


Hey Nerd! Goud jobb!

This is a good plot and still funny like first movie. Those words make no sense but I like them, maybe they are foreign. Best flash I watched in a few months, so good going! I'm glad Shoe Salesman came back ^_^


I think there will be at least five more episodes :) is good series!!

you are a genius

this movie is once again really sick and twisted but i like it.
keep it up this way. let the other guy with his klaased plot burn!
10 for everything!!!

I am plassed my pants of that klaased-good movie!

And again... you rule the shoes... This movie rocks thats a fact
And the fun was how all the characters act!
Damn that was a rhyme... but anywayz its a cool movie with good graphics. Plas!

I liked it

But I never really knew what was going on. The class scene was pretty funny though. And the cat. A soft shoe. Whatever.

Just hit the sound quality up a bit.