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Reviews for "Christmas Night"


Very nice animation.At first,I thought he would try and put the tree inside his house,and would try some wacky things to try and get it into his living room.


It's short indeed, and a little more music would have been nice to listen to as well, but overall it's still a a great flash. Smooth animation, good graphics and a concept like no other . . . though the Grinch is most definatly not a unqieu chracter. Anyhwo, keep up the great work!


very interesting

Excellent style of drawings. Great use of frame by frame animating. Music fits well with what is going on. I've never heard that song before. I liked how this movie showed how it takes a lot of work to use a REAL tree as a christmas tree. You really showed the difficulty, I mean the guy literally had to stand on his roof to lift the tree up by himself. He did it without any help. heh very cool christmas movie!


i liked it <3

It was ok....

I was a tidbit confused because the song had it's own little story going on then the flash....I understand the point was to send seasons greetings, but the ending was a bit flat. I think you can work on it more. Because I like we're you're going with this.